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ShaaanMei Group surprisingly won “Taozhu Gong Awards” awarded by EuroFinance

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On April 16, the award ceremony of 2019 “Taozhu Gong Awards” appraisal sponsored by Euro Finance was held in Beijing grandly, ShaaanMei Group won the “best financing solution award”

“Taozhu Gong Awards” was established in 2012, sponsored by Euro Finance, aiming at commending china’s mainland operating business corporations whose field of treasury and financial administration and management are among the best practice and the most excellent creation, the main spheres of which are cash management, supply chain management, technological application, financing etc.

The candidates for this evaluation are more than a hundred enterprises, enterprises competing jointly with ShaaanMei Group are many world-famous ones, including State Grid Corporation Limited of China, Guangzhou Automobile Group Finance Company Limited., Midia Group Co. LTD. Each enterprise running for evaluation is fully reinforced, furthermore, they have various excellent cases in risk management, technological application, etc.

Through the rigorous appraisal operated by the third-party independent specialist, combining with the comprehensive appraisal process such as going to enterprises for an interview, ShaanMei Group stood out among numerous candidates, and was highly appraised by institutional elites and experts, and finally won the title of “best financing solution award”. The evaluation panel pointed out: in recent years, as Shaanxi’s largest coal enterprise, ShaanMei Group not only faces increasing financial difficulties in the process of transformation and upgrading, but also faces the solution to the problems of financial structural incoordination left by the fast development last year. Because of the urgent need of “Securities loan and cost reduction”, ShaanMei Group is able to overcome difficulties as well as establishing platform and aisles to break through institutional obstacles. As an enterprise combining “coal and overproduction reduction”, ShaanMei Group turned into a countrywide model for promoting the practice of debt to equity.


ShaanMei Group is Shaanxi’s only provincial enterprise that won the special honor. This award highly affirmed ShaanMei Group on the cases and outstanding practices of financing and financial management. At the same time, ShaanMei Group popularity in the financial field was also further promoted in both domestic and foreign countries.

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