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ShaanMei Group attended“the fourth Silk Road International Fair”as well as Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China( ITFCEW)

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From May 11th to May 15th, “the fourth Silk Road International Fair”as well as Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China( ITFCEW) were held in Xi’an, the theme of which is “New era• New pattern• New development”, attracting a great variety of guests and businessmen from over 70 countries and regions. As a super-huge type provincial energy and chemical enterprise, ShaanMei Group attended this grand Silk Road International Fair. The main meeting-place of exhibition area is in B3 industrial pavilion of Xi’an Qujiang international convention and exhibition center, which includes intelligent coal mine project construction, intelligent unmanned exploitation, intelligent few and unmanned exploitation coal cutter and coal washing service, clean coal process and coal-fired boiler environmental protection and energy saving. Besides traditional product samples, dynamic models, the pavilion contains high-tech VR projection interaction and scene virtual display, attracting endless visitors to watch and experience.


On the afternoon of May 11th, WeiZengjun, Shaanxi vice-governor, came to ShaanMei Group pavilion when inspecting, MeiFangyi, head of the propaganda department of ShaanMei Group, FangGang, president of New-pattern Energy Company, introduced the advantages of New-pattern Energy Company in ShaanMei Group, such as clean coal process, coal-fired boiler environmental protection and energy saving. Mr. WeiZengjun inquired the manufacturing technique, environmental protection emission index of clean coal briquette for civilian use of ShaanMei Group. He highly affirmed the exploitation of clean coal.

ShaanMei Group organized four branches in total to take part in this exhibition, Northern YuLin Coal Company, HuangLing Mining Company, Xi’an Reshipment Group, New-pattern Energy Company. The main forms of presentation are characters, picture display board, video, samples and company sand table. The key point is to propagandize the major achievements and work highlights the high-quality development in recent years, which fully displayed the advanced technology and major achievements achieved in comprehensive utilization of resources, scientific and technological innovation, circular economy, green and environment-friendly ecological industry. All of which reflected ShaanMei Group’s development concept of green low-carbon and environment-friendlyness.

Of all the companies taking part in the fair, centering on the national-level coal mine project construction, Northern YuLin Coal Company demonstrated the working conditions of intelligent coal mine and its fully-mechanized exploitation, as well as the equipment for excavation, in the form of characters, pictures, VR projection interaction, and scene virtual display, etc.


HuangLing Mining Company demonstrated the intelligent production techniques through model dynamic presentation, the major contents of which are the research of intelligent unmanned exploitation, application and achievements. Xi’an Reshipment Group’s major contents are intelligent few and unmanned exploitation technology produced by Xi’an Coal Machine Company, demonstrated the working condition of intelligent few and unmanned production under the circumstance of complicated geological condition on fully-mechanized mining face, the major function demonstrations are coal cutter remote monitoring and control, self-motion clipping, automatic systematic connector through high-tech VR projection interaction. New-pattern Energy Company demonstrated the effects and advantages of coal washing technology, clean coal processing, coal-fired boiler environmental protection and energy saving and transformation in the form of sand table and products, the main contents are efficient utilization of technology in coal cleaning and environmental protection.

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