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Shaanxi coal group achieved a new breakthrough in coal railway delivery in 2018

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Recently, from the news of Transportation and Sales Group, in 2018, 61.67 million tons of coal and railway was completed by ShaanMei Group, a year-on-year increase of 8,086,900 tons, creating a new high. This is also the first time that the railway traffic volume of coal resources of ShaanMei Group has exceeded 60 million tons, which has achieved a new breakthrough of coal railway transportation, created a new record of railway transportation, and became a new milestone of coal railway transportation of ShaanMei Group.

In 2018, ShaanMei Group transportation and sales group takes "expanding the basic capacity, optimizing the market structure, improving the marketing efficiency, striving to catch up and surpass" as the main line, deeply optimizing the transportation structure, making every effort to increase the total railway transport volume, promoting the increase of transportation and efficiency and market expansion, and creating the core competitiveness of the market.

One is to grasp the chance and actively response is to the plan of three-year railway total freight increment, both accords with the trend of the revolution of the transfer of highway to railway, in view of the restriction of "mismatch" and "bottleneck" in production capacity and transportation capacity stage, adhering to the principles of "optimizing inventory, increasing great increment, strengthening operation", deepening the cooperation of companies and highway, communication and enhance the daily coordination, assuring the transport capacity of ShaanMei Group, actively exert their advantages of self-provided vehicles, increasing the guarantee capability of the main target market, making the total capacity of railway breakthrough again, a year-on-year growth of 16.7% for the whole year.

Secondly, sticking to the key point of promoting the maximum release of ShaanMei Group’s quality capacity, optimizing traditional target market, strengthening coordinated response to the production and sales, strengthening the level-to-level administration of user classification, increasing the third party testing of coal quality, give full play to the distance of comparative advantage, resource comparative advantage and internal market support advantage, guarantee good security resources with high quality production, with good sales, with fast transportation, promoting gross railway transportation, enhancing the core competitiveness;

Thirdly, adhere to the orientation force, focus on taking advantage of market dominance and speaking right, strengthen internal coordination and industry collaboration, after the openness of MengHua railway, the key point in the south lies in Hubei and Hunan and Jiangxi provinces, dilatation and increment of southwest market in advance, reconnaissance overall arrangement, for the east, try emphatically to get through Shenmu Western Station to Ganghe through Tanghu Railway, to increase the coal market of Shandong chemical engineering through Taizhong Railway and Wari Railway, central China, the whole-year rail direct shipment to Central China and southwest market has increased by 18.4% and 67.1% respectively, the internal enterprise supply is 20.77 million tons, the northern port shipment growth is101%, which has greatly increases the speaking right;

Fourth, improve the efficiency of organization, strengthen operation control and enhance the ability of "playing the piano with ten fingers". Strengthen the management of transportation loading and dispatching, further straighten out the relevant business processes, establish the information interconnection of dispatching and the reward as well as punishment mechanism of assessment, optimize the transportation capacity and resource allocation, ensure the delivery of each train to the actual implementation, ensure the number of daily loading of balanced realization, no shortage, constantly improve the realization rate, to maintain the integrity of ShaanMei Group image;

Fifth, based on the current and long-term, scientific and optimizing the dispatching structure, coordinate with northern Shaanxi, Binchang mine lot shipment system, northern Shaanxi mining area continues to improve railway freight volume and percentage, Huangling mining area focus both present profits and layout for the future market, plus the reasonable collocation of highway and railway. In Binchang mine lot, except for miscellaneous goods, all products can be loaded through railway, the central Shaanxi plain consolidated the balance of security production and marketing and make railway transportation Binchang mine lot accounted for 84.2%, northern Shaanxi mining area achieved the synchronous growth of the production and railway trasportation capacity, promoted the economic benefits of ShaanMei.

It is known that in 2019, ShaanMei Group transportation and sale group will continue to be tackling bigger base of railway capacity target is not shaken, profound grasp the overall capacity by railway corporation, the local structure optimization, the opportunity of the key circuit incremental, try every means to increase the overall railway transportation, alleviate production capacity mismatch, and imbalance of railway and highway, such as contradiction, persistently win the battle of railway increment and key flow, break through the tough, ensure the annual railway freight of 66.5 million tons, to win the initiative in MengHua and Feng Hong railways coal transport, as well as sales pattern of the country's major adjustment battle, try every means to get bigger profits during freight incremental . (YangLong)

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